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  1. Emancipation. The act or process by which a person is liberated from the authority and control of another person. The term is primarily employed in regard to the release of a minor by his or her parents, which entails a complete relinquishment of the right to the care, custody, and earnings of such child, and a repudiation of parental obligations.
  2. emancipation definition: 1. the process of giving people social or political freedom and rights: 2. the process of giving. Learn more.
  3. Jan 05,  · Issued after the Union victory at Antietam on September 22, , the Emancipation Proclamation carried moral and strategic implications for the ongoing Civil War. While it .
  4. PETITIONING FOR EMANCIPATION IN NEBRASKA Each district court has specific local rules that may apply in your case. Check with the clerk of the district court in your county. If you fail to follow the local rules, you may not be able to finish your case. If you are representing yourself, you must fill out all the forms. The clerk of the district court cannot help you fill out.
  5. Emancipation is a legal process that gives a teenager who is 16 or 17 legal independence from their parents or guardians. Emancipation can be an important legal tool for certain teenagers, but you should give it careful thought before moving ahead.
  6. Emancipate definition is - to free from restraint, control, or the power of another; especially: to free from bondage. How to use emancipate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of emancipate.
  7. Emancipation was a critical moment for Prince, one that he designed as an artistic rebirth and, optimistically, as a commercial megalsaigenuadamath.xyzinfo a typically perverse fashion, Prince decided to make the album a triple-disc set running exactly three hours, easily making it the longest album of all-new original material ever released by a popular artist. As the first album he released since leaving 7/
  8. Through emancipation, a minor can take responsibility for his or her own welfare, and make the major decisions that parents typically would handle. Therefore, minors will generally need to establish their ability to independently live and support themselves before a court will grant emancipation.

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